Welcome to ALMARSAT

Almarsat Projects Development is a company that is dedicated to deliver work of excellence, quality, and professionalism. Not only does APD offers a range of services in construction and project management but we also provide arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.
Our project management and construction services include project management, auditing, real estate development, and loss adjustment services. This area of our work is executed by a team of well educated and highly trained engineers and staff. We have worked on a variety of different projects in the UAE and around the world which indicates APD’s high value.

Alternative Dispute resolution services are always carried out with the intention of mitigating time and cost in addition to delivering satisfactory work and expert opinions to our clients. APD offers astute arbitration services along with mediation and adjudication supported by years of expertise and practice. Our esteemed services include claim preparations and expert witness services. Almarsat has been able to secure solid relationships with arbitration centers around the globe which has lead to a high level of interconnectivity of our company with a strong inclination to replicate the global standard.