Greetings from ALMARSAT Projects Development APD;

We are proud to offer from Dubai to the world in our sixth consecutive year sharing over three decades of successful consultancy services in the MENA Region with world professional standard in neutrality and integrity with the following scopes;

Firstly, Construction Project Management and Audits [Time, Costs & Quality] third party Audit of the Performance of Engineering, contractors and suppliers chain monitoring of performance on Time Costs & Quality of major construction projects (Airports, Ports, Infrastructure, Energy, Hotels & commercial Mix) by best skilled Engineers Equipped with state-of-the-art standard

Secondly, Construction and Real Estate Claim Experts, Survey and Evaluation through Contract Administration and Conflict Avoidance including Adjudication and Mediation to prevent litigations. Contracts Claims and Preparation Consultants.  Consultant for Appraisal Real Estate Projects Survey and Evaluation of Real Estate as the Construction and Real Estate Evaluation house.

Third. Expert Witness & International Alternate Dispute Resolution including Online expedited Adjudication-Mediation & Arbitration Our International Experts with a vast database through attending over hundreds of conflict Resolutions in Construction, conducting over 850 Experts Witness Reports during the past decade. We can contribute in finding the best settlements of any Contractual, Construction, Energy, Maritime or Real estate disputes as sworn Expert Witness or Certified Adjudicators, Mediators and Arbitrators.

We are passionate about what we do and committed to serve our shareholders whether Appointed Tribunal or Project financer to measure and track factual snap shot of their construction finances, in addition to providing and organizing training when required to share the development of learning organization in MENA Region and beyond.

We are certified to ISO Quality and Environmental Health -Safety latest standards for all our services we provide, and we believe that our shareholders will find our deliverables both reliable and in compliance with their strategic added value information to support development and prosperity of upcoming projects. We have therefore decided to expand, enjoy and measure our journey for further continual progress and achievements without exception participating in all regions for development of Construction and Dispute Resolution for human civilization.

With APD best wishes of Chairman-CEO  

M. Jamal Chaykhouni

Almarsat Project Development December 2018.